Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Imperial Valley Zone Conference

Sister Park and Sister Bingham

Elder Johnson and Elder Ward

Elder Roque and Elder Eppich

Sister Memea and Sister Rudd

Elder Cox and Elder Berrett

Elder Sundwall and Elder Grube

Sister Memea, Sister Rudd, Elder Roque,
Elder Sundwall, and Elder Grube

Elders Roque, Sundwall, Grube, Cox, and Ward,
along with President Clayton

Elders Grube, Cox, and Berrett, President Clayton,
and Elders Ward and Johnson

The fabulous President Fairbanks
along with the fabulous Elder Scott

The most fabulous Sister Scott!

Elders Sundwall, Johnson, Roque, Eppich, Ward, Cpx, Berrett and Grube
along with Sister Bingham, Sister Clayton, President Clayton, Sister Park, Sister Memea, and Sister Rudd