Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Transfer Meeting at Mission Valley

Elders Strommer and Kirchhoefer

Sisters Santamaria and Read and Elder Johnson

In the foyer at Mission Valley Building

Elder Geier

Entering the Chapel at Mission Valley

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Arriving missionaries


Our New Group of Missionaries
Elder Aleson
Elder Ballentyne
Elder Butcher

Elder Cena
Sister Brown

Elder Dingman
Sister Engebretzen

Sister Harrison
Elder Karlinsey

Elder Ingersoll
Sister O'Neill

Elder Nichols
Sister Pagel

Sister Parks
Sister Roberts

Sister Salinas
Elder Vogler

Departing Missionaries

Elder Arellano and President

Right to left and back to front:  Sister Memea, Sister Nelson, Elder Plant, Elder Broadhead, Elder Simpson, Elder Peterson, Sister Young, Sister Lee, Sister Clayton, Sister Mitchell, and Sister McCloy

Departing missionaries with President Clayton

Friday, August 17, 2012

Elders Sundwall and Plant

Elder Broadhead and Sister Davis

Sister Burden

Sisters Mitchell, Lee and McCloy

Sister Hansen, Elder Davis and Elder Petersen

Sister Hansen, Elder Arellano and Elder Clay

Sisters Young and Memea with Other Missionaries Signing the Tablecloth in the Background
(It was a super hot day, and way too hot to be out on the patio)

Our Wonderful Sister and Elder Russell
Fixing dinner for the masses!