Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transfers at the Battalion and the Mission Valley Building

Transfer Meeting at the Mormon Battalion

Outside the Mormon Battalion

Transfers at Mission Valley

Sisters Hansen and Crump at Mission Valley

Good-byes and Hellos!

Goodbye to a Fabulous Group of Missionaries!

Hello to the Future Fabulous Missionaries!

Elder Burwell

Elder Calzada

Elder Campbell

Sister Crawford

Sister Hall

Elder Howden

Elder Hudson

Sister Kober

Elder Broadhead's Last Day as an Assistant

Elders Call, Hill and Broadhead on Elder Broadhead's Last Day as an Assistant
Before Taking an Assignment to be a District Leader
and Whitewash Train in the San Diego North Zone

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Departure Activities

Elders Porras, Young, Araujo, Insong, Tauati, DeBaltzo, Clement, Linnemeyer, Clipp, Tipton, Smith and Avalos
With President Clayton and Sisters Mendoza, Park and Pelfrey
Sisters Pelfrey, Mendoza and Park
Elders Linnemeyer and Tipton
Elders DeBaltzo and Clement

Elders Porras, Insong and Araujo
Elders Linnemeyer and Tauati

Signing the Tablecloth

Elders Clipp and DeBaltzo Friending us on Facebook!

Elders Young and Smith
Elder Avalos

Together at the Mission Home