Saturday, June 2, 2012

Departure Activities

Elders Porras, Young, Araujo, Insong, Tauati, DeBaltzo, Clement, Linnemeyer, Clipp, Tipton, Smith and Avalos
With President Clayton and Sisters Mendoza, Park and Pelfrey
Sisters Pelfrey, Mendoza and Park
Elders Linnemeyer and Tipton
Elders DeBaltzo and Clement

Elders Porras, Insong and Araujo
Elders Linnemeyer and Tauati

Signing the Tablecloth

Elders Clipp and DeBaltzo Friending us on Facebook!

Elders Young and Smith
Elder Avalos

Together at the Mission Home


  1. These are fabulous pictures. I love the tablecloth idea. I still have the one we did at Thanksgiving a few years ago and the comments and signatures are priceless.

  2. What an amazing experience you're having. The weather looks lovely too. I hope I get to visit the San Diego temple and Mormon Batallion some day.