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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Airport Departures and Arrivals

Good bye to Sisters Hudson, Baratta, and Gillette

Goodbye to Elders Saager and Stommer and Sisters Baratta, Hudson and Gillette
You will be missed!

Our New Missionaries!

And More New Missionaries...

And More New Missionaries...

And More Missionaries...

And More Missionaries!!!

Sister Amendola

Sister Clement
Elder Duncan - Visa Waiter (Brazil)

Elder Garner

Sister Harris

Elder Heidt - Visa Waiter (Brazil)

Elder Koerner

Sister Martinez

Sister Montgomery

Elder Pace 

Sister Palmer

Elder Paxman

Elder Polatis

Elder Robinson - Visa Waiter (Brazil)

Elder Rowbury

Elder Day

Elder Simpson

Elder Sorensen - Visa Waiter (Brazil)

Sister Sorensen

Sister Strasser

Elder Todd

The Hastening of the Work has Begun in San Diego!
We are so blessed to have these missionaries!