Monday, July 25, 2011

Weeks of interviews

We have been traveling to each zone during the last 2 weeks to do interviews with our missionaries.  I have loved getting to know them better and I also have enjoyed going over their area books.  These are the books the missionaries record their investigators and the investigators' progress in.  We have such great missionaries.  I know we have only been here for 4 weeks, but we love the missionaries so much!

We have about 210 missionaries right now, but tomorrow, we will add 2 more!  We have a sister missionary returning to our mission after an absence for medical reasons, and guess what?  We are sending our youngest daughter, Kelsey, out to serve for the next 3 weeks.  She will help make the numbers even until the next transfer, when she will return home to Utah and BYU.  Kelsey really wanted to have a real  missionary experience!  She is going to be so blessed to work with the sisters and couples at the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center in Old Town, as well as have an area to proselyte in!  If you haven't been to the visitor's center, you should go!  It has been totally renovated and the presentation is fabulous!

I will post pictures of our newest Sister Clayton here on the blog tomorrow...


  1. So excited for the newest Sister Clayton!! She will do great!

  2. We're so happy to hear that Kelsey is now officially Sister Clayton serving at our favorite place in Old Town with the best missionaries in the San Diego Mission. She will be a great help there and they'll quickly grow to love her. Thanks Kelsey for setting up this wonderful blog so we can keep up on the best mission in the Church.
    Gordon and I attended JoAn Blodgett's funeral yesterday (18th Ward). Pres. Monson spoke. He and the Blodgett's used to be back yard neighbors and have continued to be close friends. It was a treat to see and greet Francis and him again. We saw him two weeks ago at Joy Evan's funeral (Elder David Evan's mother) and are amazed at how he fits so much into his busy schedule. He is such a great example of compassionate service and reminder to us all to be prepared by living close to the spirit and to serve with a joyful heart.
    Love, VeeDrienne

  3. What a wonderful blog! It's so neat to see you serving as mission presidents with all those fabulous missionaries. I'm sure it's a load of work, but also has loads of blessings with it. Good luck with all your service! Love, Sharon C. Draper

  4. I hope you will be able to blog often. We love hearing all your news and seeing pictures.