Saturday, August 20, 2011

On Tuesday morning, we met our departing missionaries at the airport to give them a final goodbye and to send them on their way home. It was a bitter-sweet moment. Then, a few minutes later, we welcomed in our 17 new missionaries! They looked so great! We are excited to serve with them!

Here they are:

Elder Christensen
Elder Morgan
Elder Berrett
Elder Reynolds
Sister Rudd
Elder Jones
Elder Martin
Elder Farr

Elder Blackmon
Elder Stringham
Sister Edgerly
Sister Johnson
Sister Hudson
Sister Gillett
Elder Beazer
Sister Ortez
Elder Wallentine

Well this week has been SO busy! On Friday morning, the 12th, we spent the morning in the San Diego Temple with our departing missionaries. We then came back to the mission home and fed them lunch. Afterward, President Clayton gave each of them a final interview and they relaxed on the back porch enjoying each other as each one took their turn with President. We fed them again at dinnertime and then had a few moments to share our advise and counsel with them. Finally, each bore a beautiful, sweet testimony. It was a tender time. These missionaries are so amazing! It was so hard to say goodbye to this group of incredible young men and women. We love them and will miss them so much!

Here they are (left to right and back to front)

Back: Elders Rodriguez, Morris, Valikoula, Rougeau, Cubit, Larsen,
Middle: Elders Meyers, Crapo, Gregory, Allen, Powell
Front: President and Sister Clayton & Sisters Seguin and Nielsen.

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  1. They look like great young men -- awesome mission president and wife also!