Sunday, November 6, 2011


Sisters Hudson and Davis
During the month of October, we began our second round of interviews.  We love being with the missionaries one-on-one and feeling of their spirits!

Sisters Brratta, Bickley, & Adams, with Elder Hollingworth

Sisters Young and Evans

Elders Merrill and Reynolds

Elders Whitrod, Winkle, and Christensen

Elder Scoresby

Elder Broadhead

Elder Christensen

Elders Plant, Higbee, & Guierrez
Sisters Lewis and Sterling

Elders Kirchhoefer, Evans, Ordono, and Davis
Elder Gadbury
Elder McManus
Elder Strommer, Martin, Rivera, Cancel, Arellano, and Madarang
Sister and Elder Walton
Elder Hernandez and Elder Saager 
Elders Smith and Blackmon
Elders Romrell and Tauati
Sisters Gillett and Dunn
Elders Porras and Johnson
Elder Perkins
Elders Dent, Berrett, Poulson, Aagard, and England
Elders Petersen and Poulson
Elders England and MacKay
Elders Belt and Eskelson
Elders Delmoe and Reagan
Elders Gonsalves and Linnemeyer
Elders Smith and Lee
Elders Le'ota, Roque, Thomas and Scott

Elder Johnson

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