Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our New Missionaries Arrive! March 13, 2012

 Elder Dean
 Elder Howard
 Elder Long
 Elder McFadden
 Elder Seymore
 Elder Villalobos
Elder Yates
This is a rather "washed out" picture of the 7 new elders with President and Sister Clayton!


  1. That looks like a handsome army of young men.

  2. I had lunch with a friend today who was telling me about her Grandma Quinn in San Diego. Mrs. Quinn, a devout Catholic, has been wary of missionaries after having a bad experience with Seventh Day Adventists. But soon after her husband died, she was lonely and the sister missionaries happened to stop by. They had a nice visit. Rather than being too pushy, the sister missionaries befriended Mrs. Quinn and pay her weekly visits. They even watered her plants when she was out of town. My friend, Mrs. Quinn's granddaughter, is thankful for the kindness of the sister missionaries in San Diego. I just wanted to pass this compliment along.