Friday, July 13, 2012

Departure Activities - July13, 2012

At the temple with Sisters Sierra Smith, Whitney Smith, Kearsley, Kennington, Lewis, Tardiff, Jensen, and AhChookoon with Elders Call, Madarang, and Lee with President Clayton
(Elder Roque, where are you?)
President Clayton with Elders Call, Roque, Madarang and Lee
Sister Clayton with Sisters Whitney Smith, Kearsley, Kennington, Lewis, 
Tardiff, Sierra Smith, Jensen and AhChookoon
Close up of 8 Fabulous Sisters- We miss them!
Sister Tardiff
Sister Kennington

Sister Kearsley
Sister Whitney Smith
Sister Sierra Smith
Elder Madarang

Elder Roque
Sister Lewis
Elder Call

Elder Lee

Getting Set Up for the Mission Facebook Page...

Signing the Tablecloth

Writing in Journals...

And napping?!!
Departing Missionaries at the Mission Home - July 13, 2012

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