Thursday, September 13, 2012

MTE's and Flu Shots!!!

Elders Campbell, Celis, Ballentyne and Howden

Elder Carey, Sister Russell, Elder Sieben, McGee, Franks and Nichols with President

Don't look Elder McGee!

Elders Celis, Ballentyne, Howden, Weidner and Romrell, with Sister Gillett looking on

Sisters Gillett, Ritter, Hudson, and Carriaga.  In the background are Elder Wallentine and Elder Whittier

Sister Russell, Elder Sieben, Elder Nichols, Elder McGee and Elder Golden

Elder Sleigher is so brave!

Elders Dean, Perkins, Delmoe, Mackay, Crossley, Sprague, and Jesse.
Behind them are Elders Wise, Johnson and Swensen?  

Elders Mackay, Crossley, Sprague, Jesse, and Elders Wise, Johnson, Swensen, and Toledo

Elder and Sister Russell helping us keep up!

Elder Kioa

Elder Hill - always smiling:)

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