Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Departing and Arriving Missionaries

Goodbye Sisters Croker, Kunz, Tanner, and Stevens,
and Elders Eskelson and Petersen

Hello to Elders Odell and Bittner, and Sisters Frampton and McNeil
Also, Elder Nickel, Bone and Hunt

Add Elder Walker and Sister Flandro join the group
Here come Sister Silva and Sister Jerrett with Elder Hyde

Sister Bauro

Elder Bittner

Elder Bone

Sister Flandro

Sister Frampton

Elder Hunt

Elder Hyde

Sister Mabe

Sister Jerrett

Sister Silva

Elder Nickel

Elder Walker

The 14 new missionaries with President and Sister Clayton

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  1. I really like these larger format pictures. You can see everyone so much better. Thanks for all the updates. You seem more motivated to keep us abreast of all that's happening. It's fun to check out your new missionaries.